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Friday, January 8, 2010

Childhood Memories

Chow-Chow was something that I can vividly remember having as a kid. Matt had never heard of it...as like most people, I'm sure. But, it's good...kind of "pickly"...a relish with a bit of a kick. And, the time I remember it the most was when we ate our Black-Eyed Peas & cornbread on New Year's Day. So, this year, I tweaked an old favorite recipe by adding black-eyed peas and topping it with chow-chow. YUMMMMMYYYY! Matt didn't like the Chow-Chow, but Quinn did...and, he ate his entire helping of sausage and black-eyed peas! I was impressed.
New Year's Day Edition of Beans & Rice with Sausage
1 package of Beef Smoked Sausage
1 can of red beans
Nature's Seasoning
white rice
Grill smoked sausage. (I use my trusty George Forman.) Cook rice. Heat beans with Nature's Seasoning. Cook rice and serve it topped with beans and cut up sausage. Top with Chow-Chow. Salt and Pepper to taste!

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Kimberly said...

How funny! Benjie had no idea what Chow-Chow was when we got married either. In fact, he thought I was making it up. I made my mom find some in Abilene and mail it to us in Dallas. He still won't eat it and I still do!