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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Bachelor Basic

When Matt was a bachelor, this was one of his staple meals! And, when we started dating/got engaged/were newlyweds, we dined on it frequently as well! It was quick and easy...and, I even came to crave it! ...Honeslty, it had been years since I'd thought about this tasty treat, and when we made it a few weeks ago, it took me back! I must admit that I still LOVE it!...who cares how "bachelor" it is!?

Bachelor Matt's Chicken & Rice

1 package of Knorr Chicken rice side
1 can of white chicken

Make the rice according to packet directions. Add chicken half way through cooking time and continue to boil. Serve with good 'ol Saltine crackers.

1 comment:

Erin Ellis said...

This is definitely something you will always find in our pantry...we love all the different kinds of rice, but I never thought to add chicken! I'm excited to try this asap!