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Monday, July 18, 2011


Over the past month, we have become obsessed with breakfast smoothies at our house. Since the Chubber Bubs of the house has a hard time getting full, I had to find something that easily satisfied him! …And, smoothies were the answer!

Thankfully, the Big Bro of the house is enjoying them too! And, I’m loving the good stuff they’re getting each morning.

Here’s the stuff (with various mixtures each day) that we use…Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 002
We start with a few big spoonfulls of yogurt. (whole milk yogurt) Then, I add in applesauce and fresh fruits of all kinds. Next is some Odwalla juice and sometimes a splash of pineapple juice. I top it off with some baby oatmeal…and honey and Fish Oil for Q.

After the layers are complete, I turn it over, twist it on the Magic Bullet and let ‘er rip! It’s LOUD…and above the noise, I always annoyingly yell, “SMOOTHIE TIME!” Nash always smiles, kicks and LOVES it! He knows what’s coming. And, Q usually laughs, repeats my words and covers his ears!
 Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 008Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 010Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 018

This sweet face is patient for a minute…but quickly wants to EAT! Meal time is NO joke! :) Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 011

Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 014
Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 020
Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 021

Smoothies are enjoyed by all! What a great and easy way to feed my little ones!

And, I’d love your tips of things to add in your perfect smoothie!!!! Please share!!!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

That is so weird, bc I read your comment about smoothies on something and was going to ask you what all you're putting in! I'm always looking for new ideas! Have you ever put spinach in them? Seriously, it does NOT taste at all (crazy!), and I dump in HANDFULS. Try it. You'll be amazed. Call it the Incredible Hulk (bc it will turn green!) and Quinn will think it's cool. : ) I also put in a couple of tablespoons of ground flax seed. Can't taste that either. We take cod liver oil here, I should try putting it in our smoothies instead of by spoon. Good idea!

Melodie said...

fresh baby spinach will turn them green, but adds no veggie taste. my 2 little ones LOVE green smoothies. We do 1 cup water+1 cup frozen berries (or frozen mangoes)+1 banana+2 handfuls of spinach. good way to get some greens in kids. we love new smoothie recipes. thanks!

jessica said...

We do this too! I sneak in organic pumpkin or sweet potato purée also. You can buy it canned at Super Target, and my Sidney has no clue she getting extra veggies!