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Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't knock it...

...til you've tried it! Seriously, I love the bowls from KFC! You know, the weird ones where they pile up the potatoes, corn, chicken and cheese! It's YUM to me! And, when we made them ourselves, my littlest critic loved it as well! I'm not guaranteeing gourmet, but it's quick and good!!!...

KFC Bowl (PoeFam Style)
1 pkg. of instant mashed potatoes
1 can of corn
Popcorn chicken (6-9 pieces per bowl)
Cheddar cheese
Salt & Pepper
Cook chicken. Prepare potatoes. Heat corn. Then, when all is done, layer in bowl...potatoes, corn, salt, pepper, chicken (cut in half), cheese! (And, it's even more fun if you cut the cheese into a fun shape!) Enjoy!

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The Ruth Family said...

We loved your KFC bowl! It's so fast and easy...and really very good! I'm sure my husband would have liked it even more if I had taken the time to cut a Christmas tree out of cheese...but he just got plain old shredded cheese! Thanks for a great idea!